A special program created for mums to help them to get back in shape fast, after giving birth.

Intensive Mommy Makeover Therapy

Face and body treatment program for 90 min/day.
• Lymphatic drainage for the face and body
• Targeted firming treatment for the abdomen and waist
• Cellular regeneration for the face and neck
• Targeted treatment of puffiness and dark circles

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Cautions for mothers
  • For fat-elimination results, it is advised to wait for 2 cycles after return of you regular period (for hormonal stability)
Strict contraindications of endermologie®
  • Cancer
  • Infection, cutaneous rash
  • Inflammatory phase
  • Blood thinner
  • Blood illness
Contraindications for body endermologie®
  • Blood clots
  • Organ transplant
  • Kidney insufficiency
Localised contraindications of endermologie®
  • Rosacea
  • Varicose veins and spider veins
  • Cutaneous lesion, bedsore, ulcer
  • Recent scar, hypertrophic or keloid scar
  • Abdominal or inguinal hernia
  • Osteo-articular or muscular lesion in acute phase
  • Hormonal implants
  • Veins surgery (for the first 2 months)
  • Operated areas with aesthetic surgery (therapeutic programs)
  • Upraised mole
  • Piercing
  • Botox®
  • Injections of fillers
  • Lipoma
  • Angioma

Take Care Of Yourself Even At Home

You can enhance the effect of the treatments in your own home, with the Endermologie Cosmetics

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